A commissioned by the auction process.


In 1, my company all auction are needed in my company warehouse, unified description, pictures, upload.

In 2, for the auction, you can send photos to my company works department.

3, if you are in the XX city can also directly with the goods to my company works Department contact.

4, if you come please call with sales staff to send an appointment on time, after identification, if appropriate in the distance H.K.SOFTBILL International Auction Limited auction, they will take the initiative to contact you, determine the physical physical goods, valuation, commissioned by the signing of auction protocol specific issues such as.

5 years of articles, define and valuation must see real can make accurate judgement, your goods whether in distant H.K.SOFTBILL International Auction Limited online auction, to my company's sales department issued opinions shall prevail.

6, to make valuation, the sales staff to negotiate with a client.

2 auction procedures


The auction procedures

The auction procedure refers to the operation of the whole auction process, can be divided into four major stages, followed by auction, auction, auction notice, for delivery of the subject matter.

One, auction commissioned stage

Commissioned by the auction stage must determine the client identity, mainly refers to the identity, and that client identity documents. If the client is a natural person, it shall provide the ID card; if the principal is a legal person or other organization, shall provide the enterprise legal person business license, registration certificate and other corporations.

The commissioning phase to determine the client's rights. The auction object ownership certificate or dispose of the auction target shall be proved, and can prove that the client about the auction items or property rights ownership and disposition of the proof material.

The auctioneer must understand clients commissioned by the auction object properties. The principal must provide the auction object details, including the auction target name, quantity, quality, condition and location. As a result of the auction object has a wide range of features, depending on the subject matter, the auctioneer shall obtain much detailed information as possible. The principal and the consultation, the auction to determine the subject matter of the reserve price, commission and the proportion of the auction. Then signed the " agreement " commissioned by the auction, also known as the auction contract ( hereinafter referred to as the agreement ), " agreement " shall include the following contents:

( a ) the trustor, the auctioneer 's name, domicile, legal representative, agent;

( two) the auction object name, number, domicile ( storage ), status;

( three) the subject matter of the reserve price auction;

( four) the auction fee clause;

( five) the auction time, location, auction price settlement period, the subject matter delivered way and deadline;

( six) the auction and the auction of articles related to the;

( seven) the auction procedures, suspension and termination conditions;

( eight) parties to auction the liability for breach of contract;

( nine) signing the time and the term of validity of a contract;